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Recently the Southern Regional Planning Panel (SRPP) determined against a Residential multi-dwelling DA at 14 Cosgrove Avenue Thirroul (DA-2020/4).

This determination was based on Council delivering a report to the SRPP that recommended against the DA.

This give certain pause for hope for our objection to The Thirroul Plaza DA and also demonstrates that even under Covid-19 accelerated development programme recently adopted, DAs are not simply being rubber stamped.

Read the SRPP determination for DA-2020/4 and see what you think.

Save Thirroul Village

Now that submissions on the proposal are closed, here’s what we know about what will happen next: Due to the size and nature of the proposal, the decision won’t be made by Wollongong City Council. Instead, they will review the developers proposal and the community feedback and make a recommendation to an independent regional planning panel who will ultimately decide. The panel can come to one of 3 decisions based on the proposal: approve it as is, approve it with conditions or refuse it. As part of the panel’s review process, there will be an opportunity for people who made an objection to the proposal to present at a hearing. Our group fully plans to present on behalf of the community and we would encourage anyone else who feels strongly to do the same. Our group is seeking a meeting with council to get a better understanding of the next steps including the likely timing for the whole process. We will keep the you updated on the review process and our discussions with council via the website and our social channels. #thirroul #savethirroulvillage

Save Thirroul Village

Have your say on the future of the Illawarra Shoalhaven.

There is still time to have you say about the future of our broader region.

Have a look through the regional plan web site.

If you want to make a submission:

  1. Read the old plan. Of particular concern regarding the future of the Northern Illawarra is the following on page 35 of the Illawarra Shoalhaven region plan document: “Centres identified as the focus for increased housing activity include the: Northern corridor –Thirroul, Corrimal and Fairy Meadow.” We all know that the infrastructure in Thirroul and the northern suburbs is currently at or beyond capacity.
  2. Write an email with your feedback and/or
  3. Participate in the active mapping exercise.


Save Thirroul Village

Council’s assessment of the DA continues. They are still collating the latest round of submissions and referrals from internal experts and external bodies. They expect the final Council assessment report will be finalised in about 2 weeks time. Council had a briefing with the Regional Planning Panel on Wednesday to brief them about the issues across the DA. The minutes from this meeting will be made available on the Southern Regional Planning Panel’s Website next week sometime ( The Council’s report will assess the DA and provide a recommendation to the Panel. Once the Council’s report is finalised (2 weeks time), it will be submitted to the Panel Secretariat. The Secretariat generally sets a date at that point. Submitters will be notified and an ad placed in the Mercury. From experience, it is about 6 weeks from this briefing until the public meeting. The Council officer I spoke with said that this is probably up there with the biggest response to a DA he has experienced in his long (lol) career – up there with the Skydive the Beach DA. Because of the massive amount of submissions he was uncertain how they were going to practically run the public meeting – which at this stage is still likely to be a virtual meeting. He said sometimes the Regional Panels run an information session before the public meeting. He said they may even limit the community’s speakers if everyone is going to talk about the same thing (flagging this for this group to discuss our strategy at a near future date). Once the public meeting is held, a determination is announced, usually about a week later. So timeline is possible public meeting end of November, and determination early / mid December. More info to come as we get it….

Save Thirroul Village


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TfNSW does not seem to make the link between them rejecting their own proposals for clearways and continuous lanes of traffic through Thirroul, sacrificing LHD Street Parking and the Thirroul Plaza DA inflicting exactly the same thing! How can a state government agency abandon their own plans, and then accept a set of plans, equally damaging to the Thirroul town centre, proposed by a private developer with private interests?

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Community Meetup held on 7 April 2022

There was a great turn out at the community meeting on 7 April. We had standing room only at Club Thirroul. Have a read of the presentation.



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