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Save Thirroul Village

UpdateWe have had an update from Wollongong City Council about the plaza proposal. The council officer we spoke to has told us this was one of the biggest responses to an application he has ever seen #powertothepeople. They are still working through the feedback before they write their report and make a recommendation to the Regional Planning Panel. There have been preliminary discussions between council and the panel this week and the minutes from that meeting will be available on the NSW Planning Portal some time next week. We’ll let you know when they’re there. They are estimating it will take them roughly 2 more weeks to finalise their report and recommendation at which time, it will be passed to the panel who will set a date for the public meeting. Those who made a submission on the DA will be notified via their provided contact information and we will, of course keep everyone updated as well. The panel will then make a decision on the DA shortly after that meeting. If we step out a rough timeline based on similar proposals, it’s likely we will know the outcome by the end of the year. #thirroul #savethirroulvillage

Save Thirroul Village

Proposed Deveop not supportedThis week, our group received the first documents from Wollongong City Council in response to our GIPA request. One of the documents we received is a file note completed by a Wollongong City Council (WCC) Heritage Officer. Heritage impact is one of many assessments council will make to form their recommendation to the Regional Planning Panel. The Heritage Officer raised several concerns with the revised proposal including that it exceeds the height limits set in the WCC Local Environment Plan and would have an unreasonable impact on the escarpment views. The file note concluded with “The proposed development is not supported on heritage grounds at this stage. It is recommended that no exceedance of the LEP height control should be supported for this site.“ This conclusion is in line with the concerns raised by us and by the community more broadly. This issue must be considered seriously when it comes to making a decision about this proposal. #thirroul #savethirroulvillage

Save Thirroul Village

Last week the Council officers undertaking the assessment briefed the Southern Regional Planning Panel on the issues arising from the DA assessment and the community response. Attached are the minutes which are now available on their website. Some important issues raised and we thank the Council officers for raising them. But there seems to be some omissions, namely, streetscape impacts on the character of the village and compliance with the DCP Chapter D12, emergency services access (although this could be included in the traffic impacts point), and economic impacts on existing businesses. It’s our understanding the next step will be for Council to finalise its assessment report and submit it to the panel. Click here to read the minutes.

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TfNSW Traffic Plans - Thirroul Community Feedback

The Feedback Summary Report on the proposed traffic improvement options for Thirroul was released last week. The report has captured and responded to community feedback received on the proposed traffic improvement options displayed in June and July 2021 for Thirroul. It was clear the community do not believe either of the proposed options would meet their needs.

Have a read of the report

Nick McLaren Interviews TfNSW about Thirroul Traffic Plans

TfNSW does not seem to make the link between them rejecting their own proposals for clearways and continuous lanes of traffic through Thirroul, sacrificing LHD Street Parking and the Thirroul Plaza DA inflicting exactly the same thing! How can a state government agency abandon their own plans, and then accept a set of plans, equally damaging to the Thirroul town centre, proposed by a private developer with private interests?

Nick McLaren interviews Louise Wellington on ABC Illawarra

Nick McLaren from ABC Illlawarra interviews Louise Wellington at the plaza dite to discuss the issues with the Thirroul PLaza DA.

Community Meetup held on 7 April 2022

There was a great turn out at the community meeting on 7 April. We had standing room only at Club Thirroul. Have a read of the presentation.



ABC Illawarra discusses Thirroul Flooding with STV

 Lindsay McDougall discusses flooding in Thirroul, and concerns regarding the Thirroul Plaza Redevelopment, with Save Thirroul Village.

Wombarra residents commission report

A great piece from ABC Illawarra mornings, 18 March 2022. Wombarra residents commissioned a report regarding the sediment runoff at the Wombarra developmet site.